David Ritchie

Hamiltonian, husband, father, gardener, tinkerer, comedian, chameleon, Corinthian and caricature.

David has over 12 years of professional experience in Internet application development. He currently finds himself gainfully employed at Torpedo7, a Hamilton-based ecommerce success story (they do exist!). 

Between 2005 and 2011 he was in various roles at Run The Red, an internationally-reknowned mobile services firm in Wellington, New Zealand. David has had key roles in some of the most successful mobile marketing campaigns on both sides of the Tasman, picking up a couple of awards (including a Webby and 2 digital Emmys) and being a finalist for TUANZ ICT Innovator of the Year for 2009. He holds a patent for authorising bill payments using text messages.

Previous to working at Run The Red, David was a senior consultant for a major international consultancy. This largely involved sitting at a desk next to the loudest photocopier you’ve ever heard.

Disclaimer: content in the links below are the opinions of David and not his employer.