Mike Gross

Hi, I'm a language nerd. Which means I'm as much of a grammar snob as I appreciate the fluidity of an ever-changing, living language. But I'm not stuffy about it. In fact, I hate when people correct others' speech, as if it's not courageous to speak in the first place, we have to sound white --I mean right-- on top of it? Whatever. The point is, I think we forget that language is an interesting way to understand our own perceptions, and the ways we struggle to access reality through structured knowledge and systems of meaning.

Of course, because I am a real human, really I am, there are other dimensions to my personality. For instance, I also like art, I try to get into the wilderness as frequently as possible, I'm an advocate for human-powered & sustainable transportation, and I value education. Attributes I look for in others, and I try to cultivate more in myself, are things like agency, appreciation for community, rigorous dialogue, individualism, and some kind of spirituality. I like the American West, film, urban planning & development, and more! See, I'm a real person.

Here are some more facts about me that leave no doubt that I'm a living, breathing human:

  • 1 torso and 4 limbs
  • bipedal mammal
  • Colorado native
  • proficient in racquetball
  • urbanist
  • anti-internal combustion engine

Whelp, I think that's literally everything about me. You don't need to even get in contact with me at all now, because you're now on the same level of intimate knowledge of Michael Glen Gross as my mother. Congrats, bravo, cheers.