Mike Gross

Hi, I'm a language nerd. I also like outsider art, I try to get into the wilderness as frequently as possible, I'm an advocate for human-powered & sustainable transportation, and I value edumacation. Attributes I look for in others, and I try to cultivate more in myself, are things like agency, appreciation for community, rigorous dialogue, individualism, and some kind of spirituality. I like the American West, film, urban planning & development, and more! Inquire within!

Here's some more information about moi:

  • 2012-13 Poetry Editor of Timber Literary Journal
  • Publisher & Editor of now-defunct SPINEROAD literary magazine (2009-2012)
  • Recipient of fancy awards for not-so-fancy writing
  • Poems in fancy magazines where they don't belong
  • Slowly turning into a photography nerd
  • Delusions of someday making a short film
  • Delusions of summiting the Colorado 14ers I have yet to summit (another 30ish)