01Argentina Bariloche


Bariloche is one of the most intense and incredible place of Argentina and it is located in the region of Patagonia 1,680 km away from the city of Buenos Aires. In this city you will discover breathtaking views for its lakes, streams, rivers and mountains thaw. You'll be mesmerized by the wonders that nature gives each day. You'll enjoy the fresh air of the forest and its changing seasons and landscapes. The summer with its long sunny days, the rainbow colors of the fall and spring, and unparalleled white winter cover with snow.

Bariloche has the power to renew energy, fill you with peace and makes you want to do a lot of activities outdoor because you are in the national capital of adventure tourism.

At night Bariloche is known for its discos and night tours with a variety of themed pubs and bars to enjoy drinks and good music. The cuisine with the highest quality service experience with European culture and new flavors, with meats, fish, smoked meats, cheeses and red berries. There are memorable dishes such as carpaccio of trout, lamb strudel and a traditional curanto in Colonia Suiza. For dessert always wins the chocolate fondue, drunk or branch ... The destination also offer world-class hotels, lodges, cabins, hostels, campsites and mountain huts that give notice of eight decades of tourism in the town!

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Once in life, you have to come live Bariloche, because with all this places to see who would not want to be here?