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The city of Mendoza is the most important of the Cuyo region. Famous for its Mount Aconcagua, for its Malbec wines and for being the feat of Liberator General San Martin, father of Argentina and hero of the Independece, it is one of the most beautiful and neat cities in the country.

Capital of the province also called Mendoza, the city is located at the foot of the Andes, is an incredible oasis created by man thanks to the Mendoza and Tunuyán rivers, which have been wisely channeled into a huge irrigation system that gives life to everything it touches.

The climate in Mendoza is moderate-temperate, though its mountains provide a certain degree of aridity. Summer temperatures range between 18 and 33 ° C; the days are warm and the nights cool. In winter, there is ski season, the minimum is 3 ° C while the maximum 16º C.

The city of Mendoza can be reached by plane via the Francisco Gabrielli International Airport - El Plumerillo, or by land through National Routes 7 and 40.

When making a city tour you can learn the history and culture of its inhabitants, which is also appreciated in its museums. There is a huge historical tradition because Mendoza keeps many memories of San Martín's epic in the Cerro de la Gloria, the Plumerillo, Parque San Martin and the variety of museums that document the passing of the Argentinian hero through the region.

The Wine Route is one of the most refurbished attractions that the city has. Visitors can tour several wineries tasting the wines produced there, who have made this region famous worldwide.

Each year, averaging the summer, held in Mendoza's Harvest.

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For one thing, the slogan of the city is "the land of good sun and good wine" remains intact, truer than ever.