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01 Argentina Salta y Jujuy

Salta, Argentina

Salta and Jujuyprovinces are located in northern Argentina with a variety of climates thatmake any season more than pleasant for vacation.

Saltaconjugated a long its vast and multifaceted geography the most varied landscapes and climates that it has become once of the main tourists attractions of Argentina. Thus, we find mountains covered with lush forests, foothill valleys and green upholstery, among many other varieties of changing landscapes, the unique appeal of calchaquíes valleys and high mountains. Salta has such a lavish and benign nature that it is almost impossible to avoid the need to participate init, to leverage its constant invitation.

As for the province of Jujuy we can say that the main attraction is the Quebrada de Humahuaca, noted for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. Also isinteresting travel along Yungas and the Puna, with totally different landscapesranging from lush jungle to a desolate land with salt, volcanoes and geyserssuch as Coranzulí. In the Yungas is the Calilegua National Park in the Puna area are the natural Monument Laguna de los Pozuelos and Provincial Reserve Laguna Guayatayoc. La Quebrada de Humahuacawas declared in 2003 "Natural and Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO. When booking withour travel agency a complete tour of these beautiful cities can opt for acomplete package that includes a visit to the two provinces in just 4 days and3 nights. You can choose to take a tour that includes the train to the cloudsor combine an extension to the Iguazu Falls so that you can visit the entirenorthern Argentina from west to east.