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Uruguay is a small country with great natural beauty and a rich culture, worth visiting. It has various tourist destinations of various features that appeal to all audiences. Punta del Este, Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento, stand out among the destinatiosin Uruguay, although in all departments there are attractive sites fortravelers.

Booking a complete tour packagewith our travel agency you will be able to visit the 3 main tourist destinations that are described below:

Punta del Este:

This small peninsula is located in the department of Maldonado and is the country's largest spa and oneof the most recognized in the world. This city has the best touristinfrastructure of Uruguay and hosts during the summer the international jetset. With its beautiful and varied beaches, it is the ideal place for the wholefamily break, but also the scene of one of the busiest cultural agendas.


It is the capital of Uruguayand focuses on it for almost half of the country's population. Montevideo looms large in information on Uruguayand has to offer rides, entertainment, natural beauty, attractive architecture and an intense cultural life.

Montevideo has an extensive network of parks, among which include the Parque Rodó neighborhood, with itspark designed in the likeness of French parks. Also Batlle Park, which hasseveral wooded acres and houses and the Centenario Stadium.

Colonia delSacramento:

Colonia delSacramento was founded by the Portuguese during the colonial era, the lateseventeenth century. Recognized as a World Heritage Site, is home to a hugegroup of colonial historical buildings. Among its historical monuments the Realde San Carlos, the bullring that was never used as such stands.