Joe Terrell

Berlin, Germany

After leaving High School in 1987 I also left the US and was moved to Germany by the US Army. After a few conflicts I decided to get out and look at working in the "real world".

I am a husband, father and grandpa now and have had many amazing adventures in my life up to now.

After the military I started on my adventure with a very small company called NetApp in 1996 and anyone familure with the storage market knows what happened to that small company. After 8 years I got a bit burned out so I decided to try some other fields in the IT industry. Nothing really worked out until 2011 when I came across another very small company that I just fell in love with infinipool GmbH.

After being here for 3 year I know I made the correct decision in joining this wonderful company. We have had many ups and downs, people have come and gone, but the founder and now my friend have stuck through the good and bad times and created something special. Though I must say, he does all the hard work and I just have to make sure we have customers paying for his work.

You may ask what we specalize in?

Kick ass software that can move TBs of data like never before. For instance, imagine moving a 3TB VM between Europe and the US via the internet and have it productive within 3 or 4 hours. Not possilbe? Sure it is, that is why we have a few patents on this. We are only at the start right now but will be booming soon as we do some really cool stuff with boring old data, making it cool and sexy.

If you are interested in learning about us just visit our web site

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