Shogo Sensui

Software Engineer in 日本

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I'm a software engineer specializing in web standard technologies. I started working from 2009 and has been involved in software development.

I was initially involved in the development of outsourced enterprise systems that work on Windows and .NET Framework. I had focused on C# programming, minimum SQL, Windows GUI development. When I was involved in the project for an enterprise system, I experienced web application development using web standard technologies such as JavaScript for the first time. Then I was very excited about jQuery, so I implemented "jQuery from scratch" (my first OSS).

I have been focusing on web technologies after joining CyberAgent, Inc. I developed and improved many web applications. Also I was involved in team/organization development by encouraging technologies, managing software engineers and hiring.

I'm currently working at Merpay, Inc (a subsidiary of Mercari, Inc) as a software engineer and engineering manager. Now focusing on leading web technologies in order to deliver the efficient application.