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491 Wortman Avenue Brooklyn NY 11208


491 Wortman Avenue Brooklyn NY 11208

Crown Ministries International, Inc. is a Christian organization that had the vision to implement Crown Advancement Center to provide our city's citizens with life altering resources to passionately impact the lives of people in New York City, and worldwide, through our core values which include caring for the wholistic health of the community.

On April 9, 2016 we will be hosting an event, 100 Ladies for Tea, at thr Radisson hotel @JFK airport, New York to honor a few of those who are dedicated to helping,healing and educating others in the areas of Lupus, Drpression, and Homelessness among women.

The event will be a major success! We will raise funds which we will share with organizations in the fields of lupus, depression & homelessness. Most of all, we will help to raise awareness about these issues that affect all our communities.

There are two ways you can continue to help us. The first is spread the word about Crown Ministries International and also our annual 100 Ladies for Tea. Forward our link to this About Me page to your email contacts. Let them know what a great opportunity this is to give back and do something for the community at large. We will continually update this page with our activities.

Also, check out what people are saying on our Facebook page and check out our tweets on our Twitter account. Both links are below.

Thank you for sharing! Thank you for caring!

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