Sourabh Jawre

if i could give the world to u, i wouldif i could take ur pains from u, i wouldif i could make everything ok, i wouldif i could watch over u forever, i wouldif i could hold u forever in my arms, i willif i could wipe ur tears in ur eyes, i willif i could make u feel like nothing else matters, i willif i could steal ur troubles and make them mine, i willfor with everything these past few weeks,and the skies so blue.all the heavens know,i need u.for if im gone tomorrow,and never say good bye.i hope u never forget me,even when i die.for life comes at us fast,and with everything we know.we will never figure out,where we wanna go.for the stars in the sky,and ur beauty so bright.u brighten up my day,even in the darkest of when everything is lost,and soon be forgotten.just remember,my care for u does happen.when i lie at night,thinking of u.i know in my heart,ur more beautiful than the sky when im gone and lost,and all traces have been friendship with u,will never be shaken.for when i stare,into ur eyes.i am breathless,i cant help but when ur feeling down,and dated many guys.every time i see u,i see heaven in my eyes