Hi all ;] I am a wife, mom & love dog's , I have a pitt 'who think's he's a the baby in my house . and he's right lol, spoiled like none of my kid's ever we're. he has noooo idea that he's a pittbull he's so much fun to have around now that my kid's are basically all adult's , 24,22 & 19 :{, i miss them being little so much, my youngest is just starting college. that's why i have my sammie, "my dog", my husband got me a puppy when i started to talk about having another baby LOL, and it worked. we live in Mass, i'm 43 not employed at the moment, we own a golf store/indoor learning center with 3 of the best golf simulator's made,live in the Revere Mass area ? check us out at King of Swing.com & make a Tee time : } you'll love it. we also sell custom golf club set's, my husband is the best club maker in New England he's been building golf clubs for over 20 year's & he's never had a dissatisfied customer.