Panda DrumIum


I am Panda Drum Ium. A freelance session musician and recording artist. I also offer drum tuition. I have been playing drums and percussion for 20 years, have worked with/for artists such as Only Until... , Earth Dies Screaming, I Plead Guilty, Heroine Syndrome, Merrellene Middleton, MoxyMojo, Hallelujah Band 2012, Improvisations Ensembles, Djembe Group (headed by Hans Sutton), The All Drum Ensemble (1996-2001 {Richard Challoner School} headed by Hamish Stewart), Aries Ng, Sally Bunce, Lucas Mayeh, various University projects at Kingston University; I am also working on some solo projects-more to come on them.

Outside of music, I'm a proud Father, Husband and pet owner. An avid gamer and movie connoisseur, an huge G1 Transformers geek, a follower of martial arts, anime, sic-fi and fantasy.

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