I am a confident, data-focused undergraduate with practical hands-on offering accounting assist and auditing experience. Reliable and proactive, I combine effective communication skills with detailed financial knowledge to figure out how to achieve profit optimize and cost management deliver a satisfactory outcome for both manager and shareholder whilst working alone and as part of a larger team. I am currently looking for an opportunity to further my career within the auditing and accounting industry. Operational excellence is absolutely something of great success for all types businesses today. But, in the face of diminishing budgets and ever increasing financial constraints how do companies find those elusive solutions to problems that will keep them moving forward and ahead of the curve. Through new ways of management suggestion from perspective as accounting and auditing can continue to evolve and maintain their competitive advantage. The process just has to begin and more often than not with the same question….how? Having analyze the company financial condition and the relationship between cost and profit ,we can figure out how to reach a efficiency balance on company management.

  • Education
    • Yunnan University
    • Montpellier Business School