Danielle Hittle

Columbus, Ohio

let's see ... after graduating I taught in Japan, then northern BC and finally columbus, OH. I have taught grades 1-4. This year I am teaching grades one and two. I live in the arts district in Columbus in an old Victorian house in Italian Village. It was built sometime before the 1920's .. We are raising the roof this summer so we can stretch out a little more. I have an adorable puppy named Gulliver who is a mix between a german shepard and shar pei? (I don't really believe the shar pei part). We treat him like our child ... not sure how he is going to react when a real child does come along .. hope he doesn't get too jealous. He has a few obsessions that we closely monitor. He will not let tennis balls out of his sight and if he sees a stuffed animal he wants it. He tries to steal them from small children, delicately and carefully. I have been married for almost 2 years now to Matthew. He works at the EPA and enforces recycling. He is adorable : ) What else? My favorite artists (this should be a category) .. so I'm adding it: Rothko, The group of seven, Emily Carr, Aminah Robinson, and many more I can't think of right now .. I'll add later Favorite Foods: Ice Cream with chocolate chunks Least Favorite Food: fermented beans

  • Work
    • Columbus City Schools
  • Education
    • A.L.Fortune Secondary
    • University of Victoria
    • The Ohio State University