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Crystal Chen

Student and Volunteer in Athens, Georgia

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Raised and educated in Zhengzhou, China up till 10th grade. I then came to the United States and started my education journey as an international student. Currently I am a senior majoring in international affairs at the University of Georgia, and fluent in mandarin Chinese and English.

I am actively involved in several organizations on campus. Being the Internal Vice President of my sorority Delta Phi Lambda has given me a lot of leadership experiences and has trained me to be dedicated and responsible at all times. I am also associated with UGA IMPACT, a service-learning program that aims to engage UGA students in an affordable, week-long, substance-free, experiential service learning project that encourages an understanding of pressing social justice issues in a significant way. I will be co-leading a trip to Charlotte, NC during spring break 2016 focusing on Education Advocacy.

I am passionate about engaging in the community and becoming an active citizen. I also hope to work for NGOs or IGOs that involves China-US relationships so I can contribute my language skills.