Amelia Alcántara

Writer, Teacher, and Small Business Owner in Ica, Peru

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I'm a '94 year born Peruvian Management student who wants to specialise in International Business.

I am a part-time English teacher, passionate about writing fictional short stories but want to someday write a full-fledged book. I call myself a "Fancrafter ✿" with the flower and all, because I enjoy doing original artworks inspired in the things I like, that rank from Rock and K-pop to Starbucks (feeling hipster sometimes, heh)

I love learning different kind of things by myself, most of the time, such as languages and technical knowledge about cars, apps development, smartphones and the like. Grammar is my muse, I really enjoy writing and correcting people's grammar.

Full-time Geek, just because I feel so... and if you are all wondering I love Eastern Asia's culture and improvements in technology and what not.

I classify myself as a heart-deep Kitten Lover, those little paws are my weakness.

I tend to work better under a bit of extra-pressure... I don't really know why it just happens.

  • Work
    • Apart-Hotel El Cañaveral