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Backed by years of experience in Education and Training Business leaders of 1Abacus have come up with their unmatched solutions for Trainers, Teachers, entrepreneurs and Education Business Professionals. 1Abacus is lead by professionals who have contributed in pioneering the style of Abacus and other Structured Supplementary Education and Training Business in India with their creative and innovative education delivery techniques.

Year 2004 is marked with a tremendous growth in the Abacus Training Business in India followed with other course like Vedic Mathematics, Handwriting and Calligraphy etc. The leaders heading 1Abacus were the ones who contributed to the change the way it was moving and gave teachers and students a fresh look to the beautiful concept in India and made it few of the most preferred structured supplementary courses today amongst the parents and children.

Product Range:
School Support Business Model
Abacus Student Kit - School Based
Abacus Flash Cards
Abacus Training Business for New Entrants
Accredition Program for Unrecognised Teachers
21 Rods Abacus
About Abacus
Abacus Parts Manufacturing Moulds
Vedic Math Teacher Training
Handwriting Improvement Courses
Calligraphy Teacher Training

Why Us?:
1Abacus is pioneer in Abacus and Educational Supplies under one roof for Individuals, Abacus Teachers, Abacus Training Centers, Play School, Regular Schools and Abacus Businesses.
We not only offer ready to use material but are also into custom and bulk production and specialize in need based supplies for our customers and end users. At 1Abacus we also ensure serving best needed for the end users/student as we have an extensive experience in the business with being teachers trainers as well as students trainers.

Our Quality Commitment to our Clients:
"Education is the most important ingredient of our success"
We at 1Abacus work to provide you the best of the content, tools, accessories and study material for maximum advantage.