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Hi! Welcome to my site about achieving financial organization. I am in my thirthies, from the Netherlands but living in Spain and my general mission in life is to learn and improve on a daily basis.

After many years of feeling that I wasn’t in control of my finances, I have finally decided to take control of the reigns and make financial organization a priority in my life. The problem I have found again and again however is that without a clear, step-by-step guide, my resolutions sound great on paper, but after a few weeks they gradually move to the back of my head, which generally means the end of my project.

Although there are many fantastic resources and blogs available on the internet with lots of great ideas and inspiration on finances, I have always found that what is missing is a clear description of a journey from beginning to end which tells you exactly what to do in order to achieve financial organization and succes.

With this blog I aim to fill that gap and help others on their journey too. I am commiting to 100 steps exactly in order to achieve my mission. The reason I chose 100 is that I want it to be long enough to really get to my end goal (10 steps would not ever be enough!) and also allows for more complex steps to be broken down into smaller doable steps. I like to see it as an online course, with clear steps and descriptions of what to do exactly, so you no longer have to look and gather different ideas from different sites and fit them into a logical order that make sense.

Hop along, join me on my journey and make financial organization your personal mission too!