Susan Conroy

I work for a program run through the board of education feeding hungry kids. I freelance as a design artist, I volunteer once a week to teach an art class at Catholic Charities. Starting next week soccer too. I am a mother of one terrific son; who now lives and works in Houston, All though I don't like Houston, I'm contemplating on moving down there to be closer to my son. I'm from a large Irish, Catholic family and love them dearly. My family and friends are the most important "treasures" in my life. I'm learning how to play the gutair and keyboard, I've always wanted to learn to play several musical instruments. Learning is a life long journey of education and experience. In my humble opinion, it's 10% what happens and 90% how we react to it. Life is short. I prefer to enjoy it, rather than endure it. I like a good debate, it offers me a different point of view, which I can learn from. After all, one can't resolve anything, unless you can understand what it's like for someone else. I can't stand an argument. It consists mostly of selfishness. It's ignorant and makes me want to avoid augmentative people, like the plague. I enjoy a good "chin wag" with a sharp mind, it helps me to sharpen mine. After all, iron sharpens iron. I like learning new things consistently and I get a kick of trivia and history. My biggest fascination is "other people" because we all have our own story to tell, something we can teach, learn or share with others. So, Tell me......what's your story?