20Sandy Pawprints

OUR ADORABLE PETS Hi! My name is Pebbles! I’m the oldest, so I’ve been tasked with introducing our pets! Because I’m the oldest, I’m going to introduce my pet first! Her name is Kristina, and she lives in Darien, CT, USA. She is a wedding photographer (www.kristinastaalphotography.com) – I like weddings because people always drop food! And I get a lot of attention; I get mistaken for the bride a lot, considering my white coat. Okay, you’ve hogged the spotlight long enough! My turn! I’m Magnus, which is short for magnificent. Which is what I am: magnificent. While Pebbles has had Kristina as a pet the longest, I’m the greatest master Kristina could ever ask for. She was living in Ottawa, ON when I first met her. That’s in Canada. Don’t ask me what Canada is, because I’m not exactly sure. All I know is that it’s not edible. Which is a shame. Um, did you mention food? Because I think my pet Kristina makes the best food for me. I’m BamBam, and my pet saved me from an LA shelter. I’m a rescue. I think that means I’m meant to rescue people, but my pet rescued me, so I guess I need to learn from her. She’s very good at it. She really loves dogs, which is great for me, because I am one. Ah, don’t startle me like that! Where did you come from? Who, me? I’m Scout. I only just recently met my pet Kristina. She rescued me from an LA shelter, too. I am still not very confident with my surroundings, but slowly I am learning to be more trusting and—Okay! Enough about your pet! Time for me, me, me!!!!! I have the best pet ever! I must have the best pet because she’s always screaming whenever I’m around. Screams are good, right? It’s because she’s so excited to see me! My name is Oreo, and my pet’s name is Vanessa! She’s an Immigration Consultant/Paralegal at a Law firm (www.rbs.ca). I think that means she’s in charge of bringing more puppies to Canada. That’s what immigration means, right? Bringing more puppies in? I think that makes loads of sense! And puppies are great! Yes, yes. Your pet is awesome. But I, Pebbles, have known both pets the longest. See, they both met in high school many human years ago (which was almost double dog years ago. Humans age so slowly, it’s kind of sad). They became instant friends, mostly because of their love for me. Magnus here, and I disagree. They became friends because they both love dogs. And beaches. I love beaches, too! Sand! Sand! I’ve been on a beach! Oreo loves beaches! That’s nice, boys. Please… I, Pebbles, am still talki