20 Something

Once upon a time, 3 Prince-Charming-less belles met and became friends. Unbothered by singlehood pressures, and unaffected by some societal stereotypes; they are as excited as ever for all the (mis)adventures being 20-something offers.

For many, being in their 20's entails a lot of expectations on their career, ventures, love and even future family decisions… these three ladies are no exception. They are definitely unstoppable and the 10 years of the ‘twenty’ phase is just too short and beautiful to think about the crisis it could bring to their future.They are imperfect but they love their flaws just the same. They are uncertain but they are bold to try even harder. They are quite inexperienced but they are too generous to share what they know and believe in. They are confused sometimes,but are just too curious to ask. In the end, they find the answers- and are gladly sharing them to YOU.

But they’d be happier if you'd share your confessions too!