Norma Pastor

Houston, Texas

Author Norma Pastor, creator of the award winning book "ALLIE MCKAY AND THE KEEPERS OF THE GOLDEN CROSS"

The live action film "THE YONG ALCHEMISTS AND THE VATICAN'S CHAMBERS OF SECRETS" Soon will come to the big screen, STAY TUNNED!

The Ebook with the same title soon will be able to download it diirectly from our website.

The Young Alchemists and the Vatican's Chambers of Secrets, is a great adventure of action, mystery, intrigue, romance and hilarity about a group of extraordinary teenagers who arrived from the 36th dimension and willingly joined the Alchemits, the most powerful secret organization in the world in charge of protecting the planet from the Nonplus secret agents determined to corrupt all the youbg people of earth. This film/novel is going to be a sequel of books, movies, video games,etc. I am an idealist and a very daring person who has never been afraid to face any obstacles when I am in the process of materializing my dreams. I believe we all have the potential to do great things.

  • Work
    • Self-Employed
  • Education
    • Instituto La Fraternidad
    • Harvard University