2CAfrica Travel

2CAfrica Travel is a tour company that specializes in planning and seeing through trips to Africa for individuals, groups, families, organizations, and corporations. The company was founded by Steve Patippe, who is a Masters of Business Administration graduate in the field of Finance from an Ivy League school based in New York. He is, additionally, a veteran banker in New York. He has won numerous national rewards over the years from one of the top financial institutions in the world. Steve Patippe is a community leader, philanthropist, and financial advisor, with a very popular serie: “Les conseils financiers de Steve Pat.” They understand the business world and together they have developed a company that books tours to Africa for people from all over the world.

2CAfrica Travel gives individuals, groups, families, organizations, and companies the chance to book tours to various parts of Africa. They aim to create, develop, and maintain meaningful relationships with each of their clients by helping them to travel to and from Africa. They have also developed deep ties that have enabled them to create meaningful tours for the diaspora back to Africa. Steve Patippe has created a one-of-a-kind travel resource that enables people to travel to Africa in a way that is enjoyable, safe, and affordable. 2CAfrica Travel have created a no-hassle system that guarantees the lowest possible prices.

2CAfrica Travel is distinguished from other African tour companies because of their dedication to putting the needs of the customers first and foremost. They promote fair pricing and have guaranteed low prices to their customers. 2CAfrica is a timely, effectively, and affordable travel-resource for anyone looking to visit the continent. They aim to provide an enriching experience that is safe, enjoyable, and hassle-free.