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Hello I am called Shiro, my pronouns are she/her so !! Also I love kpop a lot, my ult male bias is Chanyeol and ult female bias is Hirai Momo. DON'T follow if you have a problem with;; Grace, Lily, Alyssa, Aru, Karen, Yuno, Juliana, Geni, Danni, Grace, Ari, Jackie, N8 and Ashton. Now onto KINS - (100% me please don't follow if you kin)- Shiro (ngnl), Ibuki Mioda (dg), Chiaki Nanami (dg) + Shiro (deadman wonderland) 2nd kins, I might not accept- Nui Harime, Super Sonico, Nonon Jakuzare, Mirai Kuriyama + Kotori Minami <3