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3D printing services

3D printing also known as additive manufacturing is the technique of creating three-dimensional objects. An additive process is followed in order to develop the object. It is an interesting way to give shape to your innovative ideas. However, owning a three-dimensional printing machine is costly and out of reach of most. With time, companies started providing printing services so that you can create various types of solid and life-like objects and shapes at low cost. There are several 3D printing services in India, and you can choose one amongst these.

3D Printing Materials – ABS, PLA Filaments in India

ABS Filament

3D printing ABS filament is petroleum based plastic and is very resistant and tough. ABS Filamentis a hard and glossy material and extremely flammable.

PLA Filament

Plants which are rich in starch such as corn and wheat are the main source from which 3D printing PLA filamentmaterial is made.