3rty, pronounced ‘30’ was given a total of 30 Yoruba names at his naming ceremony and is believed to house multiple personalities within him but with one identity.

This has given birth in him the need to express the multiple personalities he believes own the different names and this sometimes makes him seem like a different person every time you meet him.

According to him, “They are all different people but with one identity. This means that although they make independent decisions and actions, the overall being is still responsible for its actions”.

With a calm and yet chaotic air around his person and his music, 3rty is the embodiment of the ‘Africana’ as he skilfully fuses the sounds that are distinctly African in their roots and presents them for the consumption of the modern world.

Stating Fela, ABBA, and Kanye West as his major influences, 3rty attributes the different facets of his sound to his ability to draw influences from the wide range of music that he listens to.

Starting his music production after graduating secondary school with FL Studio Demo, because he wanted to be a singer and didn’t have a Producer, 3rty went on to develop him skills as a singer and producer before forming the now defunct Elite Music group in the University with friends.

There he performed the roles of Singer and Music Producer and during the time, was featured on SkweiRd’s High Volume EP on the songs; ‘Untold Bedtime Stories’ and ‘’Till I Drop’.

He recently joined the 11_11Boys to work on the ‘Winning11’ project where 11 songs were released in 11 weeks and was featured on three songs ‘Abeg’, ‘Ass’ and ‘Let It Rain’ off the project.

He was also the Executive Producer and Music Producer on Kid Marley’s ‘DaysB4Denim EP’ and was also featured on a song, ‘The Search’ off the EP.

He is a hobbyist poet, artist and a Creative Writer and Presenter for Aphroden.