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Prospector in Arizona

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I am a middle aged man who is doing what The Lord has directed me to do, as best as I can understand it. I have been led into the mountains by God to prospect for precious metals and maintain a mining claim until I find an appropriate person to assist me. I was also there to save lives and learn valuable lessons through much pain, deprivation, suffering,learning and a whole lot of waiting for God to fulfill a wonderful prophesy that He gave to me through an elderly man when I was 30 years old. That is when the adventure began and it is still being slowly revealed to me through "Signs And Wonders", which was the first part of the prophesy, and actually came to pass. Now after about 23 years, I am still waiting for the second half of the prophesy to come to pass. Since the first half of the prophesy actually happened then I am assured that the second half will also happen. The whole prophesy is this : "The Lord", "Signs and Wonders", and "Double Signs and Wonders". All I know for sure is that it includes "Gold and Silver", saving lives and a dream that told me to "Talk and Make Circumference". I was also given a dream about a certain woman who I am still waiting to meet, after all of these years. I was even given her name! I am currently trying to develop 10 blogs and am sleeping very little during this process. I am writing about some very hard things to understand, but it is all true. One of my web sites is : http://simplysupernaturalistic.wordpress.com . I have much more to say but I will close now by saying that God is alive and well and involved in those peoples lives whose names are written in Heaven. Would you like to go to Heaven some day? He has certain rules that must be understood, but your name may also be written in Heaven if you will have 'Faith" in "Him".

I am now, and have been in a great spiritual battle that includes attacks from "Free Masonry" which is a demonically controlled "secret society". My own father was a demonically possessed "Mason". It was not until recently that I discovered How it happened. I listened to an interview of the author of a book named "Free Masonry, Deadly From The First Degree". The first ceremony into the "Blue Lodge" is actually a Marriage Ceremony to Baal! It is during this ceremony that a person is tricked into becoming "possessed" by Satan, as my own father had become!

This is a Warning to all who seek special knowledge that provides a form of power over others.

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