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Call Center Pros (CCP) is a Global company specializing in Telecommunication and OmniChannel Call Center solutions. We have experience in both domestic and international Toll Free and optimizing services for local, long distance and cloud call center needs.

Call Centers can begin to utilize LCR for their toll free traffic through dedicated providers who make LCR available for toll free service at reasonable rates. It may take a little number-crunching to assess the potential gains from implementing LCR, but this effort is minimal and can translate into substantial savings. With LCR your toll free per minute will blend to $0.006 and $0.0085. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/least-cost-routing-toll-free-redundancy-james-wilson

Another popular option, we can get AT&T toll free via SIP. Some call centers still have AT&T over TDM or PTSN with legacy T1s and can not get AT&T to move their toll free numbers to SIP. There are call centers who say “AT&T does not want my business and they raised my rate.” We can easily lower your AT&T bill cost per minute and keep your toll free numbers with AT&T backbone.

Omnichannel Contact Center is a must. The only way to effectively combat your customers’ game of channel pinball is to implement an omnichannel approach. This way your brand story is able to consistently unfold the way it was intended, no matter where it starts or ends.

Deploy new services seamlessly without headaches. Our modular APIs give you exactly what fits your business needs and integrate your current systems and other business applications with ease. To help you keep up with constantly changing consumer behavior, we found Omnichannel Call Center Solutions which are engineered to support innovative technology; enabling you to expand your partner ecosystem and add new revenue streams.





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