Tala Che'daka

Well then. First of all I am going to mention how much I love particle and astrophysics. I equally love quantum theory and I love coming up with my own theories, although I don't currently have the means to test them out. I am mostly interested in physics to pursue as a career, but I also enjoy learning new things and my idea of a good night is watching videos or programmes about it! I am also partly interested in doing astronomy as career choice, but I really do enjoy it mostly as a hobby and I have a goal of one day building my own mini observatory :)

I have been interested in astronomy since the age of 5 when my older brother got a telescope for Christmas and in 1986 I saw Haley's comet! I was 10.

My heroes are John Lennon, Carl Sagan and Tesla and of course Richard Feynman whose genius and eccentricity made him amazing. Carl Sagan put his career on the line many times in order to popularise science, and Tesla gave up everything for his fantastic work... I feel I should also Include Brian Cox here too, for his amazing work and dedication to spreading the word of science and educate the population. John Lennon is my hero's too for his obvious role in the music industry and paved the way for so many amazing artists.

Brigitte Bardot is my heroine because she embraced her beauty and femininity and she is now an animal rights activist too.

I love animals. I hate animal testing and animal cruelty of any kind. Fur is my biggest hate. I would like to educate people about this but unfortunately I find that people don't care or are just not interested.

I am really into vintage style everything, and my favourite era is the 60's which contardicts my music style, which is metal. I also love tattoos and piercings.

One of my main loves is Batman because I love the whole idea of the strength of his character and how turning a negative experience into something positive and great, and even though Batman is only fictional, everything that it stands for is symbolic for me with regards to my own life and struggles. I think Batman is my favourite superhero because he is human and fought be to be who he became.

I love dancing of any kind. It's brilliant for the soul. I also do a lot of workouts.

I'm also partial to Doctor Who.

I have recently turned to Buddhism and it works for me.