yikes my dude

Student in Iowa

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🌟 hi im kou and welcome to hell

🌦 im in middle school and a cis female, my mbti is entp, and i have professionally diagnosed anxiety and im currently questioning being bipolar

🍬 i have type one diabetes as well, please don't make jokes about it im begging you

✨ im bisexual and i have a gf named neige!! i love her lots

☄ im mainly into love live, fullmetal alchemist, k-on, vocaloid, bghs, sailor moon, kpop, singing, cosplaying, and drawing

🌱 i talk about kpop almost constantly oops,, i mainly like got7, bts, super junior, block b, f(x), and 2ne1

🍃 i also scream about mark tuan and kim seokjin a lot (they're my main biases i love them so m u c h)

🌙 i am riza hawkeye!! she is me i am her please don't request me if you believe you are/someone else is me.

💦 im going to japan on june 2nd and i talk about it & school a lot oops sorry

🍋 that's it!! please dm me saying "square up hoe" and I'll accept you (depending on who you are ofc)