★ Starwing ★

Student in the United States

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☆ 20 ☆ INFJ ☆ They/Them, She/Her ☆ DMAB ☆

☆ Demigirl ☆ Lesbian ☆ Neutral Good ☆

I'm Star, I'm pretty cool and I talk to myself sometimes.



★ Athena (Borderlands the Pre-Sequel/Tales from the borderlands)

★ Galilea (Battleborn)

★ Wing (Transformers)



★ Vent/Nsfw: @omegagladiator

★ Kin blog: omegagladiatrix (Tumblr)

★ ThisCrush: coolpizzas

★CuriousCat: coolpizzas



★ Eyes (Close up/HD, closed eyes are ok)

★ Chasing (Ask me about this, it's specific)

★ Needles

★ Bees (You don't have to tag this, but it would be nice to not see it as much, since they kinda scare me.)


Before you follow:

★ Ask if you're kin with Handsome Jack / Holo-Jack (The answer will most likely be no. Timothy is OK!)

★ Don't follow if you are a double with any of my kins


Hello, I'm a very understanding and friendly individual, don't be afraid to talk to me! I seem shy at first, but I open up more and become more comfortable initiating conversation as our friendship grows. All my friends say I am very understanding because if you ever have anything to talk about, I won't judge and look at you differently. For hobbies, I like to play video games! My favorites are from the Borderlands series, which also explains my kin with Athena. Genre-wise, I love any action/adventure games! Hack n' Slash, RPGs, most team/class based games, that type of stuff. My taste in music is somewhat flexible, I like to listen to hard rock/metal and electronic/trance, though if the song catches my attention, no matter the genre, I'll most likely like it. I don't know what else to write but, yeah, don't be afraid to say hey!