novi yanti

my name is novi yanti. there was no base name only limited to these. i'm a student who sat on the bench in senior high school. i love to make new friends! and i'll tell you about my daily. let's to know! in my free time i often do things that can create something new. o,ya! i love making things like short stories and poetry. and one of it i've made two short story title. namely: 'in orange letters' and 'true love'. ya! this may be have something less. but i'm happy to make it. in my neighborhood, i mostly silent. i'm not too silent. I just dont like to talk a lot. and in my life, i will create happiness for my parents! at least in this world i could become more valuable in order to gain eternal life in the wild there. "time is too short to savor all the fun. adventures in this world, searching for identity" decorated with happiness and sadness but i'm willing, the world is playing with me!! so that later i can find out where the really real. interesting things and would't never forget when i was little, my mom turned off the light, when i was asleep. she whispered something beautiful and i will reach out! i love you, mom. time is too short if only to love someone, and i will find and love someone who loves me what i have in terms of the eternal, ever since i was born .. with love and hatred emerges a figure who now live a life filled with love,hope,desire, ..