England, United Kingdom

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YOOo!!!!! Hi !!!! !!! My real names Noa but I go by Auretc/Icarus. I'm nonbinary and go by they/xe pronouns but lately gender has been confusing for me so idk

I identify as asexual aromantic


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Kylo Ren


Wolverine (X Men)


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@irlkatya: APH Urkraine, Mami Tomoe, Hinami Fueguchi, Hanayo Koizumi, Lissa (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

@sammy_the_seall: Amethyst

@fearamid: jyushmatsu, Mabel Pines

@ash.thekidd: Kendrick Lamar (Questioning)

@smollchild: Rose Lalonde

(When you finish DM me a photo of Kylo Ren!!!)