Pedro Moreira da Silva

Digital Product & Service Designer in Lisbon, Portugal

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TL;DR — Creates solutions that keep people happy and engaged. Contributes to better communication, solid strategies, and more effective teams. Loves to teach, speak, and connect with awesome people.

A designer that creates simple, useful, and delightful solutions. For products, services, brands, projects, ideas.

Specialized in Interaction Design, User-Centered Design, and Visual Design. Draws upon a foundation in traditional design and broad technical understanding. Has a wide range of skills and often doubles as Front-end Developer or Project Manager.

Contributed to 25% MoM growth of a startup, reaching #1 on Product Hunt, and led the design team of a SaaS.

Brings clarity and understanding to abstract and ambiguous UX challenges. Enhances product alignment with user/business objectives, through research, strategy, design, and testing.

Praised for timing, work quality, and collaboration experience. Introduced team processes that boosted work speed, consistency, and communication.

Stays current with changes in the industry through independent consultancy, teaching, and speaking. Loves to teach and help people grow.

Passionate about transparency, remote work, and open design. Evangelizes better design with less stuff.