Rodrigo de Oliveira Lopes

Computer Technichian in Paulínia, Brasil

With 10 years I had my first contact with a computer and since then I have a crush on technology.

I like to think about myself as a helper. After graduate my technical school I have been always working in the Support field. It is really great to see how people get happy, even when it was super simple for me, to fix a problem to them.
That makes myself believe that I'm here for a reason.

Then, after years of working and switching from one company to another, Ifinally had a vacation period. So, I did what I was wanting most: visit Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia. For just 9 (and raining) days. I can tell anyone: that was the best 9 days of my life. Definitely love the city, its people, environment, public transportation, the streets, the mountains, the ocean, the atmosphere... Wow!

Now, after almost 10 years working with computers and helping people to get their jobs done, I'm chasing my biggest dream (and it is also my biggest challenge): move to Vancouver, BC. And to make it real, I'm also looking for a job there. I'm still in Brazil, but I'm already started my home work and I hope soon I could see that sights again and again.

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