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West Sussex, Uk

Novelist, A. R. Tirant, is the prolific writer and novelist with her break out novel titled; Echoes from the Oasis ...
A little about her book:

In 1814, the war being raged on the seas of the Indian Ocean by the all-powerful Franco-British naval forces trying to dominate the the lucrative trade routes to India, had ended with a truce. At the stroke of a pen, far away in the city of Paris, the exotic, tropical islands of the Seychelles became a British colony. Forged from their French descendants and African slave roots, and moulded by their new British rulers, a small nation had emerged.

The story of Anna Savy is set in July 1912 on the island of Mahe, she has just turned sixteen. As a passionate young woman, nature-loving, with rebellious energey, wants much more out of life. Her story is set to read the her life journey.

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Rosie Tirant was born in the Seychelles in November 1958. The daughter of a policeman, and the eldest in a family of four brothers and four sisters. She grew up on the Northern coast of Mahe island, in the tiny seaside village of Beau-Vallon. She enjoys reading, gardenning, writng, swimming, and long walks in the English countryside.

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