Atsushi Tanami

Writer in 横浜市, 日本

Atsushi TANAMI is a proven English/Japanese translator with an engineering background focusing on product development and process improvements. Since 2011, after 16 years in a business management career, he has been serving as a translator and interpreter in several projects including an urban railway project in Bangkok.

While engaging in document translation and interpretation tasks at the projects traversing mechanical, electrical, plant construction and railway vehicle manufacturing, he has been communicating technically and socially with professionals from Japan and various other countries. Resulting in, he has acquired not only precision and preciseness in his translation skills, but also practical insights in the context of what is important for Japanese engineers and business people.

He will expand his insights to fit your business and assist you to facilitate your business more efficiently because of his extensive translation and interpretation skills.

Also, he translates magazine articles for the Japanese edition of BBC Top Gear Magazine, a British automotive magazine since 2016. You should see his translation playful and versatile like a Swiss Army Knife.

He can be reached at [email protected] and/or WhatsApp +819040221514

  • Education
    • Keio University