Adrianna Tralongo

If there was one thing that my heart knew before my brain did, it was that I wanted to be a writer. I have kept diaries since I was in 3rd grade. A deep-seeded need to express myself when no one else seemed to be listening. Over the years the lines between my life and those of Georgia Nicolson, Harley Columba, and Weetzie Bat had started to become blurred. I wanted more than anything to be those women who I thought of as my personal heroines, role-models, and friends. In college I took English classes for fun, and realized that I could do what I wanted to and still be practical. As the years went on I finally felt the passion for something that I thought I would never acquire. I wanted to be a writer. Having one semester left in college, I intend to take some time off before I join the mundane workforce to try and write my first novel.