amanda jergons

currently live in beaver pa with my amazing boyfriend justin ((aka Dopey)) we have a little kitten who may just be the most evil kitty in the world but we♥ her and an adult cat named tuna whos a butt hole and we lover her as well....i like going out and having fun with my friends and boyfriend tho it dosent happen to offten its still one of my favorite things to and music are my passion the world would be an ugly place without the two they work hand in hand to create a beautiful not real big into the rave scene but i do enjoy it when i get the chance to attend i have adopted PLUR into my life style because i think everyone should Peace.Love.Unity.Respect are 4 things we should live by because life is to short not to im easy to get along with but my sense of humor offten lables me a bitch and if those are your feelings about me...its just fine you wont be missed.. i love meeting new people im not easily offended and laugh in the face of my haters...any other questions about me feel free to ask but just know i dont think highly of perverted remarks im happily taken and no one els has ever and will never compare