Nurul Ain "AG"

Assalamualaikum and Hye. My full name is Nurul Ain binti Abdul Ghaffar *IC name* and known as, Ain. Encik Abdul Ghaffar and Puan Zamiah daughter. Breathe on 29th April and from Johor Bahru. I'm totally Muslim but sometime I'm annoying and weird. Erk? Yeah I guess. :D Still study at SMK Indahpura 1*annoying school* with my interesting friend *half of them*. My heart was stolen by Syed Daniel Iezafri since 23th June. I can't life without my sweet family, my hubby-chengeng, my beloved kakak, my interesting friend and my hand-phone. Okay I'm serious dude, don't You dare to laugh me like *Evil*. Last but not least, I'm friendly with a friendly person. :D By the way, please don't judge me by my *cute* face. Lol :P

You also can find me at Twitter. And you all can visit my Blog too. :)