Delphine Thomas


And the Lord answered me and said , write the vision and make it plain upon tables so he may run that reads it.... HABAKKUK 2:2Beloved, Greetings and Salutation in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I Salute You ! My sisters and brothers all over the world. My name is Apostle Prophetess Delphine Thomas I am Honored and I call it a previledge to witnes to you The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was a Crusader when He walk the earth to bring Good Tithing to the people everywhere by the mulitudes.He witness the Mighty Move of His Father Yahushua Hamashiach.To bring love and healing to the sick and the broken hearted that is abound everywhere. Jesus Christ is perfected He came to us as a living witness to set the path of discovery of wisdom and knowledge for the Kingdom of Heaven.Which is His desire for you that you may be save through Him Only so that you can spend eternity with Him Forever ! Oh What a Mighty God we shall serve. Beloved, Jesus Christ has given me an mandate of a clarion call across the nations. God has given me A Vision for His people. The Lord told me to cast my net upon many waters, And that water is many Nations . God has chosen me for a Great Commission of Jesus Christ. I have no choice in the matter for I am an Ambassador of Jesus Christ . I was bought with a price that my Father in Heaven paid. He allowed me to suffered long for the Journey that He has commission me to do. The Anointing that is upon my life, God place it there to change the astomophere, that Miracles , Signs, and Wonder shall follow me all the days of my life, to bring Healing , Deliverance and Restoration to Mother and Nurture And Birth Out Priest and Priestess (KINGS) His chosen generation. To raise up God Army and take God children back by force out of the hands of the enemy. I am walking at Jesus Christ command. I am not of my own. This is a Mighty Journey that My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has trust me with. God said NOW IS THE TIME FOR ME TO RAISE UP FROM BEHIND THE MOUNTAINS AND COME FOURTH IN HIS MIGHTY POWER. I am humble before my Father for this Great Commission. As I Journey across God nation, I bless The Lord all the days of my Life that I will obey Him as He already instructed me to do for His people. I am a Women of God That walk by Faith and not by site. My eyes is fixed on the FIRE and not the smoke. I have given a deaf ear to satan. He is a defeated foe and he is powerless. With that being said there is so much more that is coming and

  • Work
    • ADT Global Forieign Mission Ministries Inc.
  • Education
    • Phillips Jr College