A. Frank Bower

Took early retirement in 2006 from mental health work to write and spend time with wife Carol. As of 7/8/11, 23 short stories published; 6 in print media, 21 online. (4 in both.) 2 more pending publication: Stone Hobo online in August and River Poets Journal in print September. I'm particularly pleased with the latter; having a poetry magazine liking a work of fiction is a coup. 4 poems in print, 6 online, 1 both. 4 memoirs in print; 1 essay of advice to new writers pending both press and online release. Posted a blog essay on and about the Green Street Arts Center in Middletown, CT, where I've lived since 1981. Co-host "Writers Out Loud", a rare venue for prose readings, as opposed to the hundreds of poetry venues in CT. Appeared on Comcast's local public access channel as a panel member discussing writing. Also Wesleyan Universiy's radio station to read works and talk about my writing. (Below is a link to J-Cherry's recording of the show.) The Middetown Commission on the Arts awarded a grant to work on a novel, "Midbury." Ray Bradbury was first influence; hence the short story is my preferred form, although I compose most genres--though rarely "genre" fiction. My subjects are as varied as life. My approach varies accordingly. My supervolcano/family story "New Farm" is available for download at Books To Go Now--link below--Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Books to Go Now just published my first short story collection "Life on the Line" as an e-book there and on Amazon...B & N coming soon. I'm arranging 3 (maybe 4) other collections for e-publication. Published works are linked on my Facebook page--Albert F. Bower, Jr.--available below. My blog is also linked below and on Facebook. On occasion I place work at the blog. Evolved Publishing--www.EvolvedPub.com/--is soon coming out with an anthology of ten short stories, including a favorite work of mine, "Grain Neutral Spirits", which deals with Surrealism, spirituality and alcoholism--all close to my heart.