AGC Aerospace & Defense

Oklahoma City, OK

A worldwide leader in the development and distribution of technologies, systems, and services for commercial aviation and military defense applications, AGC Aerospace & Defense operates under the banner of the private equity enterprise Acorn Growth Companies. Currently, AGC Aerospace & Defense consists of four individually operating groups that collaborate to finance, engineer, manufacture, modify, and overhaul aircraft components and systems.

AGC Aerospace & Defense’s sub-groups include AGC Composites & Aerostructures, which encompass several companies that specialize in developing and innovating composites and metals that support aircraft operations and functionality under extreme conditions and in demanding environments. Some of these companies include Integrated Composites and Unitech, both leaders in this field. Another subgroup, AGC Integrated Defense, consists of two companies: Valair Aviation and Commuter Air Technology. Both Oklahoma City-based firms maintain long-standing reputations for designing and installing aircraft modifications. Valair also offers in-house repair and maintenance solutions.

AGC Aerospace & Defense also operates AGC Finance and AGC Services. The former sub-group consists of businesses with expertise in implementing creative financing solutions for clients from the aerospace industry. The latter provides mission-critical services for everything from logistics to supply chain management to customers from the private and government sectors.