Aday Sunday

Lahad Datu, Sabah


Aday Sunday (born Gisela Bautista Parinas, 19 August 1995) was based and raised from Lahad Datu, Sabah. She is well known for both of her talent in photography and guitarist. Besides that, She also a karate senior (rank Sankyu in purple belt) in Lahad Datu Karate Club.

Out and About

Name : Gisela Bautista Parinas
Site Name : Aday Sunday
D.O.B : 19 August 1995 - but i do like a 13 years old girl
P.O.B : Silam Camp, Sabah
Races Of : Filipino
Horoscope : Leo
Zodiac : Pig hoink! hoink! hehe
Sex : Female lah of course
Height : i dont know yet, depend on my weight lah
Weight : aiyaa! tak berat, only 53kg hoho!
One day i want to be a : Pastry Chef
Size of My Shoe : Like my grandma's feet
Languages : well, of course i know malay and english. But other than that, i also know some phillipines and chinesse mandarin language
Religion : Roman Catholics
Body Skin : Red when im tired, white in the morning, and Dark chocolate after tanning my skin under the sun
Smoking : I dont want to die so fast lorr
Piercing : at my stomach of course haha! no la, i only piercing on my ears
Fav Food : Whatever laa,, Just eat all i can eat
Fav Drinks : Water of course..its more pure without sugar hehe..Result! No diabetes
Hobby : Playing Guitar, or doing some stupid things
Sports : Karate and Basketball but most like to do some rugged activity
Fav Singer : Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Bruno Mars
Most Favorited and in chart : Mini Cooper - Gosh! Harap dapat lah
Favourite Occupation : Its all about the Money! money! money!.. cant get it? aiyaa.. making money lorr
Wilderness Dream : Climbing at the mount of kinabalu hehe