Aaron Heier

San Diego CA

I'm Aaron Heier (@AHizz on Twitter) and probably best known for two things: helping out and having tattoos. I get out. I pay attention. I give a sh*t. By day, I'm a writer, editor, blogger, publicist, co-host of sassy online talk show "He Said/sHe Said" and social media badass. Ya, I admit, I have way too intimate a relationship with my iPhone, but I don't care. Here's where your eyes gloss over: I've won awards [blah, blah]; written for some pretty respectable television networks, magazines, websites & blogs [yadda, yadda]; lived in London [yawn] and completed a marathon. I've quit smoking 87 times...and been successful each time. In my downtime, I moonlight as a charitable 'do-gooder' actively involved in my community, working with The San Diego LGBT Community Center, The Arc of San Diego and Stonewall Citizens Patrol. To me, volunteerism is grossly under-appreciated. Everyone can spare an hour or two…why not make them matter. Oh, and contrary to popular opinion, beauty doesn't fade. Looks fade, beauty lasts a lifetime. True beauty can't be seen with the eyes - it's known in the mind and felt in the heart. A chisled face & killer bod are just the gravy!