Aaron Jordon

Aaron Jordan is an anxiety counselor and has been working with people for the past 10 years helping them to deal with their Anxiety. Aaron's passion and desire for helping people grew because he watched his mother suffer with anxiety all her life. As he grew up he realized that all his family in some form suffered with anxiety. Then when he was in college in his early 20's he had his first panic attack. He has an interesting perspective because he not only has experience in learning how to deal and live with a loved one suffering from anxiety but he also had to learn how to fight anxiety and panic attacks himself. So he shares both sides of the spectrum. The things written in this book are the same simple techniques he and his family has used to succeed and fight anxiety. He has a special focus in teaching how the family members of those suffering with anxiety can help and be better equipped to deal with their loved one..... Watch the video and learn how to eliminate with anxiety, right now!

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