Absolutely* Kate

ABSOLUTELY*KATE believes in believers, shadows of noir and moxie. World needs more moxie.

Showcasing AT THE BIJOU ~"Where Writers' Raves are Readers' Faves". Virtual theatre for the mind entices as authors centerstage.

Sailing soon ~ HARBINGER*33,heralding 33 stellar Authors, 3 stunning Artists, 3 scintillating Authenticators. Authors of renown hail horizons in 33 Salutes! Aye, 33 Ports o'Call beckon prolifics.

Percolating ~ THE ESPRESSO*CAFE ~ robust brew of Author Promotion in Motion.


Absolutely*Kate, mighty proud in crimewriter crowd of GRIMM TALES.Fairytales take a shadow's turn - not the usual suspects. Releasing ala editor John Kenyon & Untreed Publishing. Predicted hit in any parade.

EBook Alerts! "HOLY MOXIE!" + "IF THE GUMSHOE FITS" in edit/design/pizazz stage. Anticipation-Sensations!

Novels in creation ~ Detective Nelle Callahan and Ziegfeld Girls plug holes, dance showstoppers - enhance hard-boiled and soft-hearted. Meanwhile, the butcher, baker, cocksure candlestick maker + an Einstein time-travel lights fantastic ~ THE VILLAGE SMITHY, excerpting AT THE BIJOU.

HOLY COLLABORATIONS!{ in the dazzling works }

Cowboy-surfer HARRY B SANDERFORD & Absolutely*Kate knuckle 1-2 punches = "SWEET CHILI PHILLY".Ringside baby!

Insightful Irish/Frisco scribe KEVIN J MACKEY + Absolutely*Kate = Social political foray "THE 1976 SOCIETY".

Daunting noir/crimerAJ HAYES throws fedora with Absolutely*Kate = espionage highjinx,"SPY-SIDE ECONOMICS".