Sergio Pérez Acebrón

Group Leader and Lecturer in Heidelberg, Germany

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I lead a laboratory and lecture at the Heidelberg University. Before I worked as scientist at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). My current research focuses on WNT signalling, which is a cell-to-cell communication system that controls critical steps in development and tissue renewal. Misregulation of WNT signalling can lead to disease, most notably cancer. My research articles can be found here.

I am also committed to public communication of science: My columns and posts can be found at MappingIgnorance[EN], Naukas [ES], El Heraldo de Aragón, and El Correo.

I am passionate about running, playing squash, hiking and cooking.


-Group leader, Heidelberg University (2017-)

-Project leader. DKFZ, Heidelberg (2012-)

-PostDoc. DKFZ, Heidelberg (2009-2012)

-PhD. UPV/EHU, Bilbao (2004-2008)

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