Luke Anthony

Birmingham, England

Name: Luke Anthony
D.O.B: October 4th 1994 (19)
Height: 5"10
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Green
Other skills: Guitarist, script-writer, teacher and stage combatant.

Stage acting roles:
'Prospero' in a physical theatre version of 'The Tempest', which was performed at Old Joint Stock Theatre.
'Darrel' in Anya Reiss' '45 Minutes', performed as part of BMAPA at the National Connections Festival 2013 at Warwick Arts Centre.
'Shame' in Work In Progress' 'After The Event' which was performed in Northfeild's Price's Square.
'Peter' in Alexander Holloway's 'Escaping to Neverland' which was performed as part of False Edge theatre group at BMET College.

Screen acting roles:
'Breathe deeply and seize the day' an inspirational campaign constructed by Leftlung.
'2.8 hours later: Afterlife' Trailer which I co-directed and feature in, a prequel to the events that take place in SlingShot's (@S_Shot) cross city chase game '2.8 hours later: Asylum'
'Advantage' Short film edited by @DistanceBliss. Playing the role of a crack addict who finds himself becoming a murderer trying to gain the irrestiable:

Directing projects:
'Find Me' Perry Beeches the Academy 2013
Also Watch:
to see my own creative peices.

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