Adam Gottbetter

Founder, owner, and Managing Partner of Manhattan-based law firm Gottbetter & Partners, LLP, Adam Gottbetter leverages his experience in law and finance to assist emerging companies, both public and private. Adam Gottbetter's staff of senior attorneys and supporting professionals within the Gottbetter Group provides corporate clients with a full range of legal and financial services.

Focusing its practice on transactional law, Adam Gottbetter's firm excels in handling all aspects of state and federal corporate and securities issues. Gottbetter & Partners has done extensive work obtaining stock exchange listings, managing securities reporting and compliance obligations, and dealing with both the Securities and Exchange Commission and local securities authorities. Adam Gottbetter's portfolio includes the full array of available securities offerings, including initial public offerings, secondary offerings, preferred stock offers, debt issuances, and convertible debenture.

Emerging companies have availed themselves of Adam Gottbetter's expertise in corporate finance and transactions, turning to Gottbetter & Partners to obtain public and private securities offerings and conduct the necessary structuring, regulatory work, due diligence, and negotiation to effect a merger or acquisition.

Reflecting Adam Gottbetter's own expertise, Gottbetter & Partners is perhaps best known for the ability to access capital, working with Gottbetter Capital Markets, LLC and Gottbetter Capital Group, Inc. Adam Gottbetter particularly excels at conducting reverse mergers (APOs), which offer the advantage of speed without limiting companies to the limited time frame of an IPO. He also oversees the firm's handling of the proprietary Gottbetter Public Offering, an alternative financing mechanism for companies wishing to achieve the benefits of a reverse merger without incurring the costs and stock dilution of an IPO. A self-underwritten process, a Gottbetter Public Offering achieves access to capital without the need to pay the non-contingent fees traditionally collected by banks.